It’s been a very long time coming, but updates to this website and my projects are finally happening! Stay tuned for more as content is updated. Things have been out of date for quite a while now, there’s a lot to get to!

In particular, here’s what to expect:

  1. A new section of the site for Trans Folks Walking, the first-person, narrative game anthology centering trans stories and experiences that me and the team have been working on, now with support from a Mellon Foundation grant!
  2. Updates to Queer Intersections, the visualizations of the LGBTQ Video Game Archive I started a couple years ago. Together with Xavier Ho at Monash University, we’re working on updating and expanding the visualizations with new data and theorizing what it means to quantify and visualize in queer ways.
  3. A publications section with links to articles and book chapters I’ve published, some of which have free copies available through Humanities Commons.
  4. A new CV, already live!

And I’ll be trying to post updates here more frequently about upcoming conferences and events. Definitely check out Palah Light Lab too, the queer, feminist, and trans new media lab at UB I co-direct with the brilliant Margaret Rhee: