Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio. This website is constantly growing and evolving, and will eventually include my projects, publications, and blog posts. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding my work–I am always happy to hear from others interested in games and narrative!


Twitter: @CMejeur


I’m Cody Mejeur, currently a PhD candidate in the English department at Michigan State University. My research and teaching focus on new media, game studies, and narrative theory, particularly drawing on feminist, queer, and cognitive narratologies. More specifically, I’m interested in how games change our understanding of narrative, and point toward narrative as a living, embodied, and playful process we use to understand our experiences. Beyond games, I am also interested in genre fiction, fairy/folktales, and American literature and culture. I also teach online courses for Ivy Tech Community College, including Technical Writing and Modern World Fiction. I received a MA in English from University of Chicago, and a BA in English and History from Western Michigan University. Much more information is available on my CV–see the pages above!

My greatest goal in my teaching is for my students to emerge from my courses with stronger critical thinking skills that they can apply to various forms of culture and systems of power that they encounter in their everyday lives. I believe that every person has different experiences and sets of knowledge that are mediated by race, gender, sexuality, ability, and other identity categories, and I strive to help each of my students grow in their understandings of themselves, each other, and the world around them. Crucially, this requires acknowledging, respecting, and speaking across difference, and the willingness to ask, discuss, and struggle with difficult questions. To facilitate this, I work with my students to make my classrooms places where play is possible–not in the sense of non-seriousness, but in the sense of making it ok to experiment, to try something different, and even to fail. It’s my hope that this type of critical play can help us find better understandings and build better realities.

Beyond my work in higher education, I’m a lifelong resident of Michigan who loves dogs, baking, swimming, and media of all sorts.

Important note: the banner image used above does not belong to me. It is a fan-created image of Rapture and Columbia from the BioShock games, and the game assets represented belong to 2K Games/2K Boston.